Inter-App Communication framework makes x-callback-url easy

Inter-App Communication, IAC from now on, is a framework that allows your iOS app to communicate, very easily, with other iOS apps installed in the device that supports the x-callback-url protocol. With IAC you can also add an x-callback-url API to your app in a very easy and intuitive way.

Looks very cool. Been thinking about implementing x-callback-url, but haven’t? You might want to check out this library.


The xk-protocol is a new extension to x-callback-url built by Ben Slotznick and Stephen Sheetz at Point-and-Read. xk-protocol builds on x-callback-url with additional parameters to specify named pasteboards, and to target multiple interaction types in other apps.

xk-protocol is informed by Ben and Stephen’s work with Assistive Technologies and looks like a great project, looking forward to seeing it in action!