SBRXCallbackURLKit x-callback-url integration lib

Sebastian Rehnby has published SBRXCallbackURLKit on Github. SBRXCallbackURLKit is a “simple library that makes it easy to add x-callback-url support to your app.”

SBRXCallbackURLKit has a block-based API for declaring URL handlers and Cocoapods support for easy integration. Worth a look if you are getting started on URL scheme integration in an app. You might also want to look at Inter-app Communication, which works in a similar fashion, and see which best suits your needs.

Inter-App Communication framework makes x-callback-url easy

Inter-App Communication, IAC from now on, is a framework that allows your iOS app to communicate, very easily, with other iOS apps installed in the device that supports the x-callback-url protocol. With IAC you can also add an x-callback-url API to your app in a very easy and intuitive way.

Looks very cool. Been thinking about implementing x-callback-url, but haven’t? You might want to check out this library.