The goal of the x-callback-url specification is to provide a standardized means for iOS developers to expose and document the methods they make available to other apps via custom URL schemes. Using x-callback-url, source apps can launch other apps passing data and context information, and also provide parameters instructing the target app to return data and control back to the source app after executing an action. Specific supported actions will be dependent on the individual apps and will not be discussed in the specification.

x-callback-url has been adopted by many high profile apps on Apple’s platforms, including Apple’s own Shortcuts.

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  • 1.0 Spec : Read the specification for the protocol, consider implementing in your app.
  • Examples : Use cases describing possible implementations
  • Implementation : Sample code demonstrating how to implement x-callback-url in your apps.
  • Apps : Registry of app supporting x-callback-url, with links to developer documentation