Sample Code

  • XCallbackURL: Open source testing app for iPhone. The code in this project demonstrates how to construct an outgoing x-callback-url, and also registers the “xcallback://” URL scheme and demostrates how to receive incoming URLs in your application


A couple of open source frameworks have popped up making it easy to integrate x-callback-url into your apps. If you are just starting URL scheme integration in an app, you might want to give these a look and see if they are a good fit for your needs.

  • Inter-App Communication: “Inter-App Communication, IAC from now on, is a framework that allows your iOS app to communicate, very easily, with other iOS apps installed in the device that supports the x-callback-url protocol. With IAC you can also add an x-callback-url API to your app in a very easy and intuitive way.”
  • SBRXCallbackURLKit: “Simple library that makes it easy to add x-callback-url support to your app.”